For more than 20 years, we have worked with local partners in Africa and South Asia as well as in international policy processes inside and outside of the UN, EU and other international institutions.

We work with a diversified group of partners who are all firmly anchored in their local communities, have democratic structures accountable to their local constituencies and work to amplify the voices of the most vulnerable or marginalised people.

Our partnership portfolio spans social movements, human rights organisations, CSOs and educational institutions in Denmark and in priority countries. We believe in multi sectorial approaches and partnerships. This includes a strong engagement in national and international advocacy networks, alliances and coalitions.

Furthermore, it includes private sector companies and organisations as well as cooperation with government authorities; from municipalities in Denmark to regional commissions that bring together representatives from several countries in the Global South.

A participatory process

Our approach unfolds in a mutual process with partners who are best positioned to identify individual pathways of change according to context. Participatory processes have improved ownership of interventions and mutuality of partner relations.

When entering new countries or bigger development engagements, we systematically draw on third party expertise by commissioning specific studies. We have strong partnerships with organisations that have many years of experience in tracking and collecting evidence from the ground as well as national indicators and cases that can be used for efficient advocacy at all levels.

Cooperation with the private sector

The private sector plays an important role in promoting human rights and development in the Global South. Since the adoption of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in 2011, the emphasis on companies to respect and protect human rights both within their companies and in their entire value chains has increased significantly.

This development has also stimulated opportunities for collaboration and partnerships between NGOs and private sector companies.

Collaboration with the private sector is essential to achieving our vision. In recent years, we have strengthened our engagement with the private sector significantly through new strategic partnerships.

We collaborate with many different stakeholders, aiming to increase their understanding of the benefits of investing in gender equality and SRHR programmes for company staff. We have worked with local CSO partners in Kenya and Uganda since 2014, advocating corporate social responsibility on SRHR and gender equality among Danish, international or local companies.